How to choose a camera to take kid's pictures

Waiting for a birth of a child? Do not like pictures from a cell phone? Finally, you have decided to buy a camera. And now you are standing in front of a showcase, cluttered with dozens of cameras... How do they differ? What to choose? Let us try to figure out what camera works best for you.

Film or digital?
We will discuss the choice of a digital camera. Why not film one? The fact is that now film cameras are used by two categories of people:
1. Professional photographers. If you are one of them, you know exactly that film SLR camera is the best choice, because a digital camera can not give such softness of image, such a wide range of colors...
2. Random people. People use this camera when they urgently need to take several shots.

Well, once you are still reading this review, then you need a digital camera.

The advantages of a digital camera in front of a film one are clear:
- result are visible just immediately (and hence you have an opportunity to re-shoot bad pictures);
- bad picture can be deleted;
- no additional costs on film purchase;
- if the photo is not very good, it can be corrected by software editors;
- a photo shooting process is much easier.

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