What type of additional musical education to choose for your child

The first thing to consider when choosing an educational institution - is the attitude of the child to music (his or her musicality) and musical abilities. If you feel that your kid is ready for serious learning and hard work - even for the general development, without any goals to grow into professional musician, you should choose the music school. If a child does not show any particular desire to play some musical instrument, but you want him or her just to try one, choose private education or training in hobby groups. One year later (maybe even earlier) you will understand whether your child needs more serious music lessons, or maybe it really worth to try another type of additional education. If you realize that you have chosen wrong type of training that does not match the capabilities and needs of the child, do not be afraid to look for other options. The main task of any music lesson is to create favorable conditions for creative development, regardless of the level of talent and musicality of the child.

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