Shopping for Kids CPR Courses

Nobody wants to think about it, but kids health emergencies do happen. In moments when your kidís life might be hanging by a thread itís important to be prepared both mentally and physically. Iíd encourage every parent to get familiarized with at least the basic CPR one should perform on a baby or toddler. Knowing where to tap the baby when he or she chokes, how you should clear the airway, how many times you should breathe and then press on the chest when the baby isnít breathing is, in every meaning of this word, vital! Living in Calgary, AB I spent some time looking through all the available Calgary CPR courses until I visited a free seminar by The Safety Group. Their training was fun and affordable, Iíd certainly recommend their company to anyone looking for CPR in Calgary, especially kids cpr. This should serve as an example of how a responsible parent should act. Being proactive and thinking ahead can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. As a parent you want to be prepared for anything.

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